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Pediatric HIV to Be a Major Focus for TREAT Asia at Vienna Conference

July 2010 - From improving pediatric HIV care to studying the differences in antiretroviral therapy outcomes between men and women, TREAT Asia and its members will address a wide range of topics at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, 18–23 July.

Dr Man Po

Dr. Man Po Lee of Queen Elizabeth Hospital
in Hong Kong will present TREAT Asia
research in Vienna.

Emphasizing its commitment to pediatric HIV/AIDS research and treatment, TREAT Asia will be a scientific co-sponsor of the 2nd International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics, which precedes the conference. While progress has been made in treating HIV among adults, many challenges remain for infants and children, including the limited availability of pediatric HIV drug formulations. The workshop will bring together clinical experts to share their research and discuss the latest developments in pediatric HIV management, drug development, and prevention of perinatal transmission. It will also include an oral presentation on adverse events experienced by children in TREAT Asia's pediatric cohort.

During the International AIDS Conference itself, several TREAT Asia network members and partners will make presentations. Posters will be presented from the adult HIV cohort on the differences in long-term treatment outcomes between men and women, hepatitis B and C co-infection, and the TREAT Asia Studies to Evaluate Resistance program. In addition, an oral presentation of a multiregional pediatric mortality analysis conducted through the U.S. National Institutes of Health's International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS will include data from TREAT Asia's pediatric research program.