amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

TITLE: Associate Counsel, and Director of Planned Giving


LOCATION: New York       


Advises corporation on legal rights and obligations under federal and state laws and regulations in all areas of Foundation activity. Provides counsel advancing the formulation of organizational policies and strategies.  Advises individual staff on transactions involving internal affairs, corporate activities and outside parties.  Monitors and fosters income from estates and trusts.  Serves as Assistant Secretary of the Foundation.


Negotiates, prepares, and approves contracts and other legal documents for all staff.  Reviews related materials and proposals as requested. Interprets and applies state, federal and watch-dog requirements, principally in corporate administration, fund-raising disclosure, communications, contracts, and employee relations.  Prepares and distributes appropriate forms, guidelines and directives.

Advises Board and senior officers on requirements for Board and committee procedures and actions.  Drafts resolutions and policy statements.  

Attends Board, Standing Committees and Executive Committee meetings and drafts or reviews minutes of meetings.  Also, attends Board meetings and shares relevant information about planned giving revenues.

Informs the Chief Financial Officer and/or Chief Executive Officer should there be fraudulent or illegal conduct because of any staff’s actions or failures to act.

Maintains records of actual and anticipated estate and trust revenue. Ensures prompt and full receipt of estate and trust revenues. Initiates legal action where necessary.

Prepares and distributes materials encouraging planned giving. Responds to variety   of planned giving inquiries from supporters and the general public.

Responds to inquiries and requests made by the Chairman, Board members, and other corporate officers.

Supervises, trains, and evaluates assigned support staff person.

Serves as primary of two Assistant Secretaries of the Foundation, with the responsibility, under the formal oversight of the Board Secretary, for
(1) maintaining records of the meetings and actions of the Board and Executive Committee,
(2) giving notices of all meetings of the Board, and
(3) having custody of the corporate seal,
(4) drafting and/or reviewing board resolutions prior to any action being taken by the board,
(5) serves as primary contact for maintaining foundations corporate governance documents,
(6) serves as primary advisor to the Board of Trustees on annual Conflict of Interest Statements and confidentiality agreements.

As a corporate officer, also has the authority to sign instruments of deposit and disbursement and related documents on behalf of the Corporation

QUALIFICATIONS: A law degree (J.D.); admission to the New York State Bar; 6 year’s experience in dealing with the legal issues and internal structures and strategies of a national voluntary health agency with an international presence; and 2 to 4 years experience in a law firm or corporate legal department.  Knowledge of the procedural and fiduciary requirements for a non-profit Board.  Excellent oral and written communication skills.  Ability to establish and maintain effective and responsive working relationships with all staff.   Proficient in Microsoft Office required.  Flexibility to travel to Board meetings, conferences, and seminars.